Sash Windows Cambridge Install Wooden Sash Windows

Sash Windows Cambridge understand that because wood is such a durable material, some timber frames can exist for a hundred of years.

Sash Windows Cambridge discern that one of the difficulties that wooden sash windows face, as they are built with natural material, is that they can drastically swell and shrink down again in time. Modern manufacturing and technology from Sash Windows Cambridge only strengthen the already proven longevity and durability of wooden sash windows.


With all of the modern methods now available to Sash Windows Cambridge, wooden sash windows never more need to be challenging as they once were. UPVC can have only half of the life span of one of Sash Windows Cambridge wooden sash windows.

Though Sash Windows Cambridge uPVC windows may be effective against draughts and provide good noise insulation, it's really extraordinary for it to be able to accurately match the aspect of your pioneer windows. If environment concerns are playing a part in the materials you are looking for in your windows then Sash Windows Cambridge wood windows are suited as an eco friendly object.

Sash Windows Cambridge Create Elegant Wooden Sash Windows


Traditional Bespoke Wooden Sash Windows in Little Shelford

Fully qualified and highly experienced employees make up the team who install all of Sash Windows Cambridge windows in order to ascertain that they have the best knowledge of our products. If you're looking to keep the traditional look of your windows but are also looking to procure the advantages of the modern style then Sash Windows Cambridge wooden sash windows are perfect.

Adverse weather conditions won't affect your wooden sash windows as they were pre-treated to withstand with this as they were perfectly fabricated by Sash Windows Cambridge team. Because of the modern finish Sash Windows Cambridge apply to our wooden sash windows they're very easy to take care of.


Sash Windows Cambridge are a Cambridge Cambridgeshire based company

By having Sash Windows Cambridge meticulously inspect the paint on your windows for damage and carrying out quick cleans, you hold them in the most suitable long term reputation. The paint that Sash Windows Cambridge use to the day of finishing our wooden products can really impact the long life of the window we are installing in your dwelling.

With Sash Windows Cambridge wooden sash windows You can feel secure that you have determined the right product for your and will have probably increased its value as well. Windows with gaps or which have become twisted can precipitate draughts, cracked paint, reduced energy efficiency or lead to them being stuck Sash Windows Cambridge can aid and support with this.